Our transformation portfolio

Our successfully completed projects illustrate what kind of services we offer.

Our tools will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your transformation initiatives.

Increase your transformation skills by passing one of our training courses.


We provide classic consulting services, program and project management functions, interim management services and day-to-day support in transformation initiatives engaging as “extended brain force”, coach and a helping hand in the engine room.

Your benefits

With us on your side as transformation partner you can be certain that the course for your transformation success is set.
We make sure that your transformation goal will be reached by fostering
structured thinking
clarity and transparency
mature program designs
fast and high-quality implementation
effective collaboration and
sustainable results

Transformation Tools

In addition to brain, heart and common sense it is useful to have little helpers and intelligent tools that facilitate, accelerate or embellish the design or implementation of projects or programs.
Our product ranges analog transformation tools and digital transformation tools cover this exactly. At first sight these tools are not mandatory, but after having a closer look and having used them in daily business, you will not want to do without them anymore.

analog transformation tools

Your transformation efficiency should be better? We have the perfect tools. Tools that close the gap between unstructured white flipchart paper or a plain whiteboard without methodical guidance on the one side, and structured software tools (e.g. for process modeling) that prevent collaborative work on the other side. We have developed touchable tools that are not only effective but also fun to work with, as well as being intelligent in the sense that they methodically guide you into the right direction in meetings and workshops and produce readable results that are suitable for photo documentation.

digital transformation tools

Amongst others, we use the following digital transformation tools:
Scientrix – for strategy implementation
TreeMap – for data visualisation
JIRA Software – for project and task management
kyona collaboration – for collaboration of distributed project teams
projectplace – for project management and for collaboration of distributed project teams

Transformation Training

Our training curriculum addresses to project managers, team managers, and responsible persons who are involved in transformation processes. We will keep you posted in transformation management. You will learn all about approaches and techniques that assist you in your project everyday. We provide a sound and in-depth practical know-how that qualifies you to plan and steer transformation initiatives effectively.

Basics of process modeling

In transformation programs, frequently existing processes frequently have to be challenged and re-established in order to achieve transformation goals. In this training course the first step will be to learn the basics of process modeling based on BPMN 2.0 notation. In the second step, you will learn how to practically implement process modeling using our Process Modeling Toolkit on the whiteboard.

Visual Facilitating Basic

In this training course you have the opportunity to learn Graphic Recordings and Visual Facilitating in order to support communication processes more effectively in the future. Combining problem solving with visualisation techniques sounds tempting for you? Then this training is perfect for you.

Strategy implementation with Scientrix

In this training course, we will familiarise you with the fundamentals of strategic thinking, provide you with ways of operationalising strategic objectives and their measurability, and demonstrate how responsibility, steering and communication can be achieved in this context. In the practical application with the software Scientrix, real and individual examples tailored to your needs are practised.

Project design with Project Canvas

You are a newly made project manager and would like to face the challenges of the project business in a professional way? Or you are an old stager in the project business, but many projects are not going as ideal as planned? Then this training course is just right for you. Here, you will learn the framework parameters for an optimal project design, the traps you regularly encounter in practice and how to set the course so that your projects are completed successfully. The training course initially includes project management basic knowledge and then teaches you how the design of projects can be implemented using the Project Canvas.

Business model design and optimisation with Business Model Canvas

This training course is specifically designed for managing directors or management members of small or medium-sized companies as well as freelancers or individual entrepreneurs, who are either in the start-up phase and who are currently developing their business model extensively. It is also appropriate for them who are already on the market, but business model needs a reorientation or transformation, because business is not that successful as planned.

In this training course, we will familiarise you with the Business Model Canvas and show you the parameters on which business models are usually based or which levers can be screwed to “fly” your business. After teaching theoretical foundations, the individual requirements and needs of the participants are individually processes and new or modified business models are conceived. 

You have special training needs? 

Don´t hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with a customised training curriculum.