Design changes organizations, technologies and moves people. Wargitsch Transformation Engineers understand design as a holistic creation task.

Organizational Design

The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment demands adaptable and future-oriented organizations that are able to continually reinvent themselves.

Wargitsch Transformation Engineers support the transformation of organizational structures, the design of the appropriate leadership approach, design processes, define roles and responsibilities in order to ensure the ability to change sustainably.

Technological Design

Digitization is more than just a buzzword. Target landscapes and frameworks form the technological design work.

Wargitsch Transformation Engineers provide support for digital transformation:

Enterprise Architecture Management

Networked architecture for IoT

Roadmaps and IT Solution Design

User Interface and User Experience

Visualization & Media Design

Change processes become understandable and perceptible by visualization. Symbolism and visual anchors reduce the fear of complexity. Information is easy to grasp, essentials are clarified and attention is focused. Visualization is an effective means to pick up people in transformation processes and to take them with you.

Transformation Engineers use Visual Facilitating, Graphical Recording and appropriate visual language within the framework of the Transformation Task.

Experts from mountain blick support the implementation of print, photography, video, web design and illustration.