The increasing digitalization of the health care system is not bypassing medical practices. New technologies enable new and efficient ways of working, but it is not easy to keep track of where an investment is most worthwhile. We support you in making your practice fit for the future so that you have more time for your essential tasks. In this way, we can help you to reduce the administrative workload and thus also costs within your practice, to increase the clarity of your work steps and to strengthen communication structures. This is in line with comprehensive IT security solutions that can protect your practice from malicious third-party access.


Medical data is more valuable than credit card information, making it a popular target for hacker attacks. Even a small practice has extensive amounts of data, so each is also a potential target for attack.

It is necessary to ensure that sensitive data in your practice is secure and permanently available. A robust IT security concept and a functioning data protection organization are crucial here.

We would be happy to analyze your IT infrastructure on-site for critical security aspects and check the extent to which your technical and organizational measures ensure a level of data protection that meets your needs. Our recommendation for action will then enable you to achieve an appropriate security standard.

Did you already know?

On 1 April 2021, the guideline in accordance with §75b SGB V on the requirements for ensuring IT security in SHI-accredited medical care (in short: IT security guideline) came into force.

The IT4HEALTH team will be happy to support you in implementing this directive!



The analysis of IT security and data protection organization in your practice includes the following steps: ​ ​ ​
Telephone interview

Telephone interview

Preparation on-site appointment (interview topics e.g.: website, smart-office, guidelines)

On-site visit

On-site visit

Checking relevant topics e.g. firewall, WLAN, updates, virus scanner



Data analysis, presentation of results, analysis report and catalog of measures

More time for patients - with IT services

Many processes in medical practices are still paper-based and run on outdated technology. With our IT services, you too can enjoy many benefits as we lead your practice into a more digital age: ​​
  • Reduce administrative work so that your staff have more time to spend with your patients.
  • Improve your communication structure so that you are always available.
  • Increase clarity in your practice so that no important information is lost.
  • Ensure IT security to protect you and your patients' data from malicious access.
Doctor teamwork, orthopedic surgeon, orthopedist, ER surgery team working in hospital medical clinic office meeting room discussing on diagnostic exam on patient care operation, professional service concept

Choose exactly the points that are needed in your practice from our wide-ranging service package. We will be happy to advise you on this and work with you to determine which offers are best suited to your practice.

Press the digitalization button now with our IT services and secure the advantages you want to see achieved in your practice.

Reduction of administrative burden​

Reduction of administrative burden​

  • Setup outlook calendar
  • Digital time recording
  • HR software
  • Configuration PVS system
  • Establishment of an online appointment booking portal
Increased clarity

Increased clarity

  • Setup status monitor
  • Setup document scanner
  • Installation document management software
  • Setup prescription form
  • Setup video consultation
Improvement of communication infrastructure

Improvement of communication infrastructure

  • Setup IP phone system
  • Procurement and setup of company cell phones/tablets
  • Setup VPN access
  • Switch to Office 365 incl. email
  • Cabling, wiring and line construction
Increased IT security

Increased IT security

  • Complete IT security check
  • Setup VLAN, router, firewall, virus scanner
  • Design of a media guideline
  • Setup backups
Increasing staff competencies

Increasing staff competencies

  • Setup IP phone system
  • Analysis, conception and training on collaboration tools
  • Training on various topics
  • IT security awareness
Increased practice presence

Increased practice presence

  • Setup of social media accounts incl. visual design
  • Setup of rating platform profiles
  • SEO
  • Media design for your practice


The foundation of a practice, which is to be designed according to one’s own wishes and ideas, is associated with many steps that must be planned and completed.
We would be happy to support you with our expertise in successfully planning and opening your practice.


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