Thinking beyond day-to-day business. Megatrends, innovations, visions. Where is the world heading? What does that mean for us? And our transformation?


The Transformation Think Tank is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, a resonance space for thoughts and conversations, for experiences and lessons learned. It is a think tank and laboratory, used by our team, fueled by our interdisciplinary advisory board and our partners in research, science and business. But it is also a meeting place for meetings live and in color, in a relaxed atmosphere and stimulating ambience.


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C-Level Advisory‚Äč

Keeping an eye on change. Know how to start and how to continue. As a business manager and executive, leave the day-to-day business for a moment and take a bird’s eye view. Discuss with a strong partner at eye level what the megatrends are, what is really important, what to tackle and with which steps to proceed. We are there for you with our senior advisor team.


Provide a change booster with top speakers at your corporate event or executive meeting. Gain knowledge and inspiration in a half-day or full-day workshop with one of our senior advisors. Individually or in a combined team, with or without follow-up activities – we tailor it to your needs.

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With over 600 square meters and up to 145 square meters of room with state-of-the-art technology and inspiring interior design, you or we can get together. Remote participants can be added in hybrid meetings. We pass on the knowledge and experience of our team and our top partners in our own events – pro bono or bookable.

Fireside evenings

Get insights, discuss strategies and think about the future in an exclusive setting and in a small group with excellent catering. Not in an impersonal business hotel or in boring offices, but in our “Eiger” room, furnished with old wood, cozy and noble. From winter 2021, our “mountain chalet” will be available for fireside evenings. You can get a first impression of it from the picture on the right

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Writing means thinking to the end. Sometimes the thoughts that arise in many consulting projects and lived transformations push their way onto paper. We want to pass these on, inspire and animate others – “transformation is constant”! If you would like to work with us on a topic that has been on your mind for a long time, just get in touch.

Are you interested in participating in the Think Tank? Or would you like to make use of the Think Tank’s services?