Management & Consulting

Wargitsch Transformation Engineers understand transformation as a solution engineering task, which is carried out entirely in the sense of the engineering paradigm: purposeful, innovative, holistic, thoughtful, methodical, analytic, pragmatic, functioning. We deliberately refrain from following a certain management hype, but rather develop solutions that add the greatest value for our customers.

We support every phase of a transformation and are guided by an iterative transformation cycle Think ‣ Design ‣ Plan ‣ Do.


Profound thinking is the most important condition for taking the appropriate path of transformation. For instance, this includes analyzing the current state of the organization, understanding challenges, breaking down goals and selecting strategies. In the end, clarity about the how, what, where and why of a transformation is reached.


The transformation design is expressed by defining programs that become accountable through the allocation of responsibility and resources. The goal of this phase is Transformation Readiness. This means to have finished the preparation for the actual transformation work and to be ready to start.


During the planning phase, details become important: Initiatives are defined in the form of projects, tasks are derived accordingly, and teams are set up. The transformation gets started and a process pattern change occurs.


Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time for doing, i.e. carry out tasks, record and anchor results. The organization gains a new equilibrium of organizational stability.