Industry: Manufacturer

Organisational transformation

International conference for executive management, serving as a communicative key element for a global transformation of the IT organisation at several hundred sites

Characteristics in transformation process

  • Think 25% 25%
  • Design 40% 40%
  • Plan 25% 25%
  • Do 10% 10%


Consistent conception and execution of, and media production for a large international conference (including a fair) in the scope of an organisational transformation



  • Interviewing corporate group CIOs and division CIOs regarding target and desired results of the conference
  • Lessons learned sessions regarding past conferences
  • Creation of a conference concept and definition of design elements
  • Media production (print, video, 3-D animation, presentations, sound jingles, banners, etc.)
  • Coordination of production and delivery
  • Management of media and participants on-site during conference
  • Graphical recording during conference
  • Hindsight, documentation and dispatch to participants

Client’s benefits

Motivating and inspiring conference for the participants and a further milestone in the global transformational work towards a modern IT organisation that satisfies current and upcoming challenges; Creation of a joint communal spirit with continuing impact