Industry: Automotive

Organizational Transformation

Integration of an EU directive into the IT organization of a corporate group

Characteristics in transformation process

  • Think 20% 20%
  • Design 20% 20%
  • Plan 20% 20%
  • Do 40% 40%
Program management and communication for the IT technical implementation of the GDPR and transition to a sustainable organization. Implementation of group-wide standards for transnational data protection in IT. Development of new and optimization of existing data protection processes, documentation of processes, completion and updating of the system catalogue.
  • Development of the program design

  • Development of a risk-based action plan

  • Design of an organizational target image to achieve the flexible implementation ability with regard to future legal regulatory requirements

  • Organization and management of an interdisciplinary program team

  • Planning and implementation of transition-accompanying, cross-departmental communication and training measures

Client’s Benefit

Fulfilment of the concrete legal requirements and development of an organizational target image, and sustainable compliance with organizational and procedural legal requirements. Definition of responsibilities for processes and systems.