Industry: Automotive

Application Transformation

Design and detailed planning of a CRM transformation program across several sales levels

Characteristics in transformation process

  • Think 10% 10%
  • Design 35% 35%
  • Plan 50% 50%
  • Do 5% 5%

Detailed planning of a global multi-project (program) for the implementation and rollout of a CRM system. Scope and structure are unclear. Financial key figures are required in order to figure out the right starting point for the CRM program serving as decision basis at supervisory board level

  • Stakeholder analysis regarding all significant parties and affected persons
  • Scoping of CRM application field
  • Expert interviews with solution provider
  • Development of program design (organization, processes, stage model, approach)
  • Detail planning with respect to resources and durations
Client’s Benefit

Development of a proper defined framework for decision making (stop or go) and clear recommendations for the design of the CRM program, its key success factors and for necessary minimum resources. A mature and detailed plan for various initiatives (work packages, sequences, human resources, internal logistics), and clear recommendations based on financial consequences for different scenarios.