Industry: Truck Manufacturer

Multi-dimensional transformation of sales unit

Implementation of strategic specifications into a wide-ranging transformation program in the national sales unit of a truck manufacturer

Characteristics in transformation process

  • Think 40% 40%
  • Design 40% 40%
  • Plan 20% 20%
  • Do 0% 0%


Creation of a program design for optimising truck sales in the German market



  • Top-down deduction of a manageable program structure for implementing sales strategy in the German market
  • Bottom-up aggregation of optimisation ideas
  • Development of innovative ideas that may increase sales impact
  • Integration and/or clear demarcation of single initiatives and projects
  • Creation and presentation of the analysis report
  • Creation and presentation of the program design (project team and top management)

Client’s benefits

Transparency regarding initial situation, challenges and requirements; a concrete implementation program in consideration of crucial topics (sales processes, sales systems, innovative sales approaches, usage of modern technologies)