In almost all industrial sectors and departments technology has become a mayor linchpin regarding core processes and service provision. The vital future of organizations strongly depends on their technological competences.

Together with mountain blick, Wargitsch Transformation Engineers provide made-to-measure solutions for digital transformation management and innovation. These are not only value-creating but also risk and complexity minimizing. And it doesn’t stop there! Experienced specialists at mountain blick will cleanly and seamlessly implement your individual digital solutions.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Our vision and experience for your success

A challenge here can be the variety of stakeholders and their background, which may cover a spectrum from IT support over accounting up to controlling and HR. The experience and know-how of a particular stakeholder group regarding IT varies greatly, but the inclusion of every single group is vital. The result of an Enterprise Architecture through good management should always be a holistic approach, which enables the company to easily reach their own set goals using sophisticated tools and structures.

Due to our broad experience in the most diverse business segments, we are able to capture the needs of every single stakeholder group consistently, as well as transferring this gained knowledge into the planning and modeling process. 

Infrastructure needs system

Enterprise Architecture Management, EAM in short, is an approach to represent the economic complexity of a business within the IT structure and continually adjust it accordingly. The defined guidelines, requirements and expectations are helping to reach the planned state easier and more efficient as well as flexibly incorporating changes into an existing system.

We systematically analyze and index your existing IT infrastructure as well as all business processes, which are linked to those systems in any way. Based on this analysis, we elaborate specifications for implementing your goals and guide you through the planning process as well.

IoT Network Architecture

Smart Infrastructure for your success

Today’s market features a broad variety of applications for network devices. Data streams from smart machines, sensors and appliances are being collected and then are ready for analysis. It is possible to have the gathered data analyzed automatically as well. In addition, analyzed data can be used to execute switching and control operations by communicating with actuators connected to the IoT network. In both cases it is essential, that data traffic is routed and processed on a central platform. Cloud solutions are commonly used in this case, since they are highly scalable and can be tailored to the special requirements each project has.

The introduction of IoT into an existing enterprise structure significantly enhances the possibility to analyze any kind of data which is generated by running usual business. It is also an enabler for partial or full automation of whole processes and process steps. Since all IoT data can be stored and used in cloud environments, it is very easy to integrate automated data analysis or automation processes, like machine learning.

We support you in any aspect regarding the planning and introduction process of IoT projects by a holistic requirements analysis. We also carry out planning and drafting concepts from a single microsystem over the platform up to the whole architecture.

Smart from the start

A huge risk at implementing and running IoT infrastructure is the lack of a clearly structured architecture concept. Without in-depth analysis, planning and support of the implementation through specialists there is a high chance of infrastructure sprawl. This, in return, will increase the needed effort for self-administration, which can lead to destruction of the IoT infrastructure potential. That is the reason why implementation and administration of IoT needs a solid infrastructure, which incorporates all basic requirements of the company environment in its foundation.

We will take the highly critical role of project organization, which ensures the success and long-term productivity gain regarding IoT projects.

Roadmaps and IT Solution Design

Choose your path wisely

When it comes to implementation and integration of IT solutions in corporate environments, there is never just a single solution. The more effort you make analyzing the actual state and and defining the target state, the easier it is to identify and define the best fitting strategy. Adequate investment into planning capacity will significantly improve and speed up the update or transition of already implemented services and practices or the process of implementing new ones.

We identify the best strategy

It is crucial to execute a complete and exact analysis of existing services as well as the  requirements for a new or improved system. Using sophisticated Solution Designs and realistic planning, we allow for your business to reach its goals significantly faster while preventing the change process or the changes itself to increase capacity consumption.

Our state-of-the-art methods for status and condition analysis naturally contribute to finding and defining the starting point as well as the target position. This enables us to engineer solutions, which are a perfect fit for your needs.

User Interface and User Experience

Human-Machine Interaction

Interfaces are the essential part, when it comes to interaction between humans and machines. Those User Interfaces, UI in short, are the core component for seamless data exchange. Well designed and coordinated interfaces significantly improve daily business. A less than ideal design, however, can have the exact opposite effect. Directly influenced by the UI is the User Experience, UX. It describes the user perception as a whole while interacting with the system.

User and System need to understand each other

Poorly conceived operating concepts and processes not optimized for interaction with machines have a negative impact on the User Experience. Therefore it is important to adjust all UI and UX concepts to already existing processes or it might be necessary to re-develop those. In addition, with every change directly or indirectly impacting User Interfaces or Experience, the necessary adjustment either for UI and UX or for the processes themselves need to be determined.

Only a holistically fitting concept for User Interfaces and involved factors may create an ideal User Experience, which directly and positively impacts user productivity and satisfaction. We care for your UI and UX concepts to positively influence users’ productivity and prevent frustration. We analyze and evaluate the needs of the system users and plan your individual Human-Machine Interface.