Be open, curious and playful!

Lego Serious Play Be open curious and playful

Playing LEGO in a professional workshop? Yes, of course! Using the playful component in a strategically meaningful way results in great added value during workshops and the like. That’s why five of our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers have completed a training as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators in Regensburg. They can now use the visualization and creativity technique, during everyday work as well as in customer projects.

Why are we risk incompetent?

Last year, we talked about the megatrend security during one of our Transformation Talks. A complex topic with many facets, which we illustrated during our event. One interesting aspect of the megatrend security is risk perception and the psychological components behind it. In this article, we would like to dive a little deeper into the topics.

The Power of People

To obtain the most holistic possible approach during transformation processes in complex systems, the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers examine the dimensions “people”, “organization” and “technology”. We addressed the first of these dimensions in our first Transformation Talk 2023: “The Power of People. On cultural and psychological aspects in change processes”.

UX-/UI-Trends 2023

What should designers look out for this year in the areas of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)? Creating an attractive user interface on a website or app is a core requirement for users to interact with content in the first place. Our Communication Design Chapter took a closer look at this year’s UI-/UX- trends and prepared a short summary.

Megatrends – a summary

Megatrends Transformation

Since its birth, the term megatrends has been closely associated with the term transformation. This is why the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers, together with experts from various specialist areas, highlighted important megatrends of our time as part of the Transformation Talks in 2022. In this article, we provide an overview of the topic of megatrends.

In Zero we trust?

In our fourth Transformation Talk with Dr. Christoph Wargitsch (CEO, host, physicist and systems theorist), Dr. Constanze Kurz (cybersecurity expert) and Peter Heilmeier (strategic consultant in the defense industry), we jointly made the perception of risk and security, the development of the megatrend and digital threats the subjects of discussion.

Graphic Design Trends 2023

The digital world is in a constant state of change. Innovations and changes are part of everyday life – and graphic design is no exception. Many design elements that were fashionable just a short time ago no longer generate attention today. Our Communication Design Chapter has taken a closer look at the trends in graphic design for 2023 and prepared a short summary.

Mind Mapping: Time for Creative Ideas

“Share your knowledge” is an important part of our corporate philosophy and therefore also part of the PRINCIPLES of WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. In October, our Transformation Consultant, Alberto Vera Ramirez, therefore held an internal workshop on Mind Mapping and shared his knowledge based on his “ThinkBuzan”-certification with his colleagues.

Sustainability and Digital Transformation

Sustainability and digital transformation are influential issues of our time and deserve more attention. Digital transformation ( = transition into the digital world with its digital business models) is, among other things, connected to the following question: How can companies hold steady when the markets change as a result of disruptive technologies and business models?

Let’s Talk About Digital Ethics!

We are surrounded by digital applications – in our private lives, at work, and in social contexts. But what are the consequences of these developments? And how can we use digitization to our advantage and not to our disadvantage? Starting at the end of the year, we will shed light on this topic in a blog about digital ethics as part of our think tank.