Graphic Design Trends 2023

Which graphic designs are trending this year and why? Can all trends be used for all designs, or are there exceptions? Our Communication Design Chapter has taken a closer look at the trends in graphic design for 2023 and prepared a short summary.

Today, the digital world is in a constant state of change and development. Innovations and changes are part of everyday life – and graphic design is no exception. Many design elements that were fashionable just a short time ago no longer generate attention today and have been replaced by more current trends and tendencies. Therefore, here are the most innovative graphic design solutions for the year 2023.


A minimalist design can be described quite simply: Functional, gives space for the essentials. This refers to all elements, from shapes to colors to type. Specifically, this means the use of simple typography, and the reduction to just one or a few colors. The origins of minimalist design can be found in the early 1950s and 1960s. Back then, simplicity and simple design were a reaction to an increasingly noisy culture and a technologically advancing society. Today, the trend is celebrating its revival. However, there is not just “the one minimalism”. As it often is the case, these design trends include various sub-genres, such as minimal vintage. This design combines subtle vintage elements with contemporary elements.

Cover of the book of poetry “Salt Water” by Brianna Wiest

Playful serif fonts

Lorem ipsum text in serif fonts

A serif is a small, thin line or the hook-like extension at the end of the letter. Its flow is oriented against the basic direction of the letter’s flow and finishes it off. Each font – with or without serifs – can have a different effect. The question is: What message do I want to convey with my design and which font will support me and my intention best? Currently, playful serifs are making their way back into design trends. They can create visual structure and evoke a sense of stability. One way in which serifs can be used is by manipulating the strokes: Form ligatures, distort, expand or liquefy individual letters, etc. Oversized serif fonts can also be effective alone in a design.

Designs inspired by nature

Soft colored earth tones, natural materials, textures and shapes – these factors make up nature-inspired designs. Some current design trends are associated with fictional reality, distortion or change, and eccentricity; this one is not. Colors and shapes of nature are experiencing a reinterpretation – the imperfection that the natural conveys is found in many designs. Among other things, designs inspired by nature are meant to remind us of the primal, “the roots.” In addition to this effect, nature designs also have a certain balance function: they radiate calm, harmony, and inner peace. As with other designs, there are also variations for nature designs: For example, some designs represent a mixture of real nature and fictional elements.

Industrial designs by Apothecary87, Pressed Juicery and Vinta

Deformed Fonts

Lettering “WARGITSCH” written in deformed fonts

When ligatures and letters fade, merge or knot into each other, it looks a bit strange to the viewer at first glance. But precisely these deformed typefaces experience a revival in 2023. An extended and knotted typography is then to be regarded as a design element. The viewer should feel invited to take a second look. The deformed typefaces are similar in a way to the metaverse trend defined by AI-inspired avatars and gaming-influenced 3D illustrations, among others. Both, this metaverse trend and the deformed fonts, evoke the feeling of a fragile reality.

Ideographic Logos

Little panda as WWF-logo

The next 2023 design trend relates to the realm of logo design. Here, ideographic logos are coming back into trend. The used characters convey an idea, a feeling or a conception. A concrete meaning and content cannot be recognized at first glance with ideographic logos, as the degree of abstraction is very high. With regard to the question of how to generate a wider range of users, the influence of an independent graphic becomes stronger. Picture brands remain longer in the memory than word brands – one of the reasons to choose an ideographic logo. But this design trend is also becoming more popular because of the exclusivity. Ideographic logos often have a mysterious effect, which is why they are often a good choice for luxury products.

Simplified 3D graphics

Perfection through reduction – this is the motto of simplified 3D graphics, which are also experiencing a revival in 2023. Classic three-dimensional shapes such as cuboids, spheres and cylinders are the first shapes we perceive in our childhood. Today, modern and on-trend graphics continue to draw on these original shapes. A simplified, sophisticated, and easily recognizable design is the result of these 3D graphics. They can be immediately absorbed and understood by all viewers – an important aspect that makes the trend so popular. Since all details are reduced to a minimum, this design trend is also popular in the creation of logos.

Simple three-dimensional shapes like spheres, pyramids and cuboids are counted among the graphic trends 2023

Dark Mode

Nowadays, most people know the Dark Mode through the light and dark interfaces on the smartphone. The design trend also originated there. Dark designs look mysterious and dramatic on the one hand, on the other hand they also have a modern, smooth and sharpened effect. In addition to the qualities it conveys, Dark Mode also has a very practical effect: Dark backgrounds are easier on the eyes than light or colored backgrounds. Dark Mode is not necessarily black, by the way, but – as the design name already reveals – dark. So, midnight blue, dark green and deep purple are also on trend.

Glas Textures

Glass textures help to sharpen the attention of the viewers. Glass textures have already been used for iOS and Windows 11 products. The design is very popular because of the transparency and can be easily used for any kind of visibility and for any realization of an idea. In 2023, glass textures will be seen more and more often and will probably be combined with other design trends and elements, such as 3D effects. Especially in 3D design, glass textures are very nice and useful to use.

Glas textures convey ease and let designs shine.

Art Deco

A design characterized by symmetries and geometric shapes

This trend focuses on elements of art nouveau in particular, including symmetries and geometric shapes. Especially in the fashion sector, this trend is interesting and includes, for example, glass elements, metal glazes and chrome covers. The Art Deco trend can be clearly characterized by the following details: patterned, decorative, lined and decorated by ornaments. Geometric shapes are effective in both, print and web design. A great advantage of this trend is the reduction of visually caused stress. Art Deco designs are refined, delicate and subtle solutions.


Another comeback in 2023: Sketches, drawings and abstract illustrations. These designs have already been used more and more in the past years. In 2023, there is the possibility that drawings will not only be a popular accompaniment in design, but a leading trend in graphic and web design. Figures and faces, geometric and abstract shapes – these elements can be applied to any flow in design. Among other things, this design is used to appeal to younger people, as drawings and sketches are perceived as an original design solution.

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A graphical recording by Alexandra Wiebe-Kaaden (Creative Director & Communication Design Chapter Lead at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers)