Service portfolio

At our core, we have always been a management consultancy for medium-sized companies and global corporations. We accompany transformations with a tailored mix of appropriate methods, certified competencies and collaboration formats tailored to the respective customer needs.

Management Consulting

Reconciling constantly changing customer expectations and rapid technological developments with complex social and environmental requirements is the challenge of our time. Therefore, if you want your organization to find new ways to be positioned for the future, it helps to have a strong partner at your side who can determine your location, develop an inspiring vision and a sustainable strategy, and also set up a suitable transformation design. With experience, but also with a sense for trends (and which ones can be safely ignored) and the knowledge of megatrends, we advise you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Sparring & Spot Consulting

Do you know about the boiling frog syndrome? If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly heat it up, it becomes more and more uncomfortable in there, but it stays put, adapts and perseveres – until it’s too late to jump off and it scalds. It is not uncommon for us to behave like this frog in projects: Once we have acclimatized and come to terms with the environment, we persevere – even though we notice that conditions are getting worse and worse or that the project is in danger of failing. Therefore, it can help from time to time to take a sparring partner as a project manager and to reflect together, to work 1:1 on issues, to step back once in a while and to illuminate scenarios. Even in smaller or shorter spot consulting projects, new impulses can be set or other perspectives can be taken. We give you and your project team a ladder out of the cooking pot. Even if you are not frogs.

Transformation support and implementation

Building beautiful slides we can do, as can many others. But we don’t just take a hypothetical step with you on paper, but many concrete steps further. Together and from the beginning of the transformation journey, when we find out which way is the best, with sat nav and map, the right equipment. We take detours when the straight path proves to be unfavorable, always with the goal in mind. We remove stones that lie in the way or build bridges over them. We plan stopovers and ignite catalysts when we need to go faster. And when we have reached our destination, we check whether we have to go back a bit or whether the destination was just a stage goal. Always with us is the experience compass of past transformation journeys and the wind sensor for approaching challenge storms.

Transformation workshops and trainings

Courage comes before change. And courage comes with opportunity. With our workshops and trainings, we create the opportunity for you and your team to boldly embrace change. With impulses, methods and formats that stick, are fun and produce aha-effects. At your company, in our multi-space office or at any other location that suits the topic, the workshop or the training.

You have a business challenge and need a partner at your side? You want to start, accelerate or bring your transformation to the home stretch? We are ready!