Corporate Social Responsibility


The focus of our company is on securing our own economic viability in the long term, which is a major challenge in a globalized world with strong competition in capital and sales markets.

Since the beginning of the company’s history, it has been owner-managed and 100% self-financed. This ensures that we can grow independently and organically without jeopardizing the quality of our performance and the stable development of the company through the short-term return targets of external investors.

With our Code of Conduct, we commit ourselves to observing the applicable laws and other authoritative regulations at home and abroad in all business decisions. Compliance with laws and regulations is one of our fundamental principles.

Fair and respectful dealings within the company, but also with customers and business partners, have top priority. Integrity and honesty promote fair competition, also in relation to our customers and suppliers.


We uphold human rights and are committed to the feedom and equality of all persons without distincition of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientaion, political opinion, social or national origin, birth or other status. We uphold the principle of equal treatment at all times. Our inclusive work environment is free from any form of discrimination or harassment. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment or any other type of unlawful harassment, no matter by whom it is carried out. 

We are committed to diversity and promote it, als well as protecting the personal rights of each individual. Our top priority is safety at work and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. We offer flexible and family-friendly woring time models as well as mobile work according to demand, and explicitly promote the compatibility of work and family. 


We see our company as part of society and as an important partner in the regions in which we operate. Therefore, it is a matter close to our heart to assume social responsibility: Pro bono events, e.g. for
Financially, we support the following non-profit organizations through donations and sponsoring, among others:


We do not have a Planet B. Therefore, it is our declared goal to reduce the use of energy and resources as well as negative environmental impacts along the entire value chain. In particular, we use the possibilities of digitalization to reduce our ecological footprint.

We are vigorously pursuing the ‘paperless office’ project to reduce the unnecessary use of paper to a necessary minimum.

By maximizing the use of digital networking in communication, we reduce the number of domestic and international business trips for team meetings and client appointments.

In accordance with our business travel policy, we always travel within Germany by train instead of using cars or planes.