Transformation Engineers in perfect balance – How we manage family and career

Vereinbarkeit Arbeit und Familie Familientag

“Family” – that’s often the answer we give when asked what is most important to us in life. But how can this extremely important aspect of life be harmonized with work? That is a question we want to take a closer look at today on International Family Day. How do our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers balance family and career? What are their challenges and how can they be solved? …

AI and CDR: the digital responsibility behind the technology

Laura Bechthold Corporate Digital Responsibility CDR

Prof. Dr. Laura Bechthold is a professor at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, where she teaches Technology Assessment and Cultural Management. One of her main areas of research is Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) as she also deals with technological developments and the responsibility that innovation entails. We therefore reached out to Laura for an insight into the topic of CDR, the “digital responsibility” that AI already entails in its development, data provision and evaluation.

Learning for students and transformation engineers: the practical project at Hof University of Applied Sciences

Praxisprojekt Hochschule Hof Learnings Studierende

For the second time, the Hof University of Applied Sciences offered a practical project in cooperation with partner companies in the winter semester 2023/24, which provided a unique opportunity for students to deal with highly relevant issues in the fields of digitalization and sustainability. This time, the practical project of the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers acting as the “client” centered around the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and was particularly exciting, and not just for the students.

Unboxing AI – a multiple perspective on the gamechanger AI

Transformation Talk Unboxing AI Gamechanger KI

In the first Transformation Talk of 2024, we are exploring the topic of “Unboxing AI – a diverse perspective on AI as a game changer” from various angles. Our speakers offer new insights and perspectives on the highly controversial and current topic of artificial intelligence (AI) through different points of view and experiences …

AI and digital ethics: the responsible use of the game changer

Digitale Ethik KI AI Act digital ethics

From unconscious use in everyday life to the automation of work: AI is used extensively. In an expert interview, Prof Dr René Peinl, Head of the Systems Integration Research Group at the affiliated Institute for Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences, reveals the opportunities, changes and risks behind the technology and why legal regulation such as the AI Act is necessary …

Success story WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer – Welcome Back Lukas

Lukas Straube WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer

The Transformation Engineers are enjoying some early spring freshness – a not-so-new face has returned to our ranks: As of the 1st of February, we welcomed Lukas back, our former Corporate Development Intern, as a Junior Transformation Consultant among the Transformation Engineers. Yet he is not an unknown face for the Team because we have worked together several times already …

A warm welcome to the WARGITSCH Newcomers

Alexa Lohrer Vladimir Karius Benedict Oko Ali Diab

New year, new Transformation Engineers – at the start of 2024, we are welcoming four new additions to our team. Meet the new Transformation Engineers Ali, Alexa, Benedict and Vladimir and discover more about their passions and professional milestones. What defines our newcomers? Find out with whom we will explore new horizons and will grow together…

Changing working environments – Transformation Engineer on the road

Workation Barcelona Antonia Woerle

How can one combine professional life with discovering a new country? That’s what Antonia, one of our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers, found out during her workation in Barcelona. We conducted an interview with her before her departure and after her return: A little insight into Antonia’s working life in Barcelona and how her workation fit in with a normal working day at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers …

Successful kick-off for internal curriculum

Kick-off für internes Curriculum Unternehmensinterne Weiterbildung

Sharing knowledge to grow together. These principles of the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers guided our third Townhall of 2023. Over the course of 2.5 days, our internal curriculum as well as “New Employee Orientation” were presented. Which topics were of particular importance to us? A recap of the Townhall of the third quarter of 2023…

DEUS EX MACHINA – Transformation catalyst Technology

Transformation Talk DEUS EX MACHINA Transformationskatalysator Technologie

The third and last Transformation Talk of 2023 shed light on the topic of Technology. We addressed the question of how technological progress affects established markets and organizations, focusing on how we can manage transformations in a methodical and targeted manner.
Our three experts on technology and technical development, Christoph Wargitsch (CEO, WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers), Sebastian Seutter (Global Manufacturing Lead, UiPath), and Peter Seidel (CIO, Lilium) delivered exciting insights and promising recommendations – a recap…