Transformation of products and services

Your products and services are outdated and do not meet customer needs anymore? Your services should be on a higher level of digitisation and integration?

Transformation of processes

Your workflows are a little rough and employees are dissatisfied?  Your processes are not seamless enough and too paper-based?
Organisational digitisation requires business process transformation?

Transformation of organisational structures

The growth of your organisation has accelerated but structures do not fit anymore? Roles and responsibilities are not clear and have to be revised? Your customers expect better attention and faster responses?

Transformation of infrastructure and technologies

Your IT infrastructure has to be re-sorted since you have an outsourcing partner? Your data centre technologies are planned to be modernised extensively? 

Transformation of data and information

Your data management is fragmented and can barely be kept consistent? Your update cycles and processing pace are unsatisfactory?

Our services

Our services


Every kind of transformation starts with a thinking process. We assist you in

  • defining transformation goals
  • clarifying transformation intentions
  • developing transformation strategies
  • mapping out the way of managing the whole transformation process
  • deciding which resources and instruments should be allocated for the transformation initiative


Transformation goals and a transformation strategy have been settled but in the design stage you have to

  • devide strategies into substantial programs and projects
  • establish responsibilities
  • allocate resources
  • define initiatives

We will support your design stage!


Transformation programs or design have been defined, and consequently you have to

  • plan projects and programs in detail
  • assign activities and tasks
  • reassemble teams
  • allocate resources explicitly
We provide support for project and rollout planning and encourage productive collaboration.


Besides thinking, designing and planning, the success of a transformation project or program ultimately depends on an effective „doing“.

Therefore, we support you in


  • facilitating collaboration
  • steering efficiently and executing all tasks and activities