A warm welcome to the WARGITSCH Newcomers

We are happy to welcome Alexa, Vladimir, Benedict and Ali (from left to right), the newest Transformation Engineers to the team. At the beginning of 2024, the WARGITSCH team has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, we are welcoming four new employees to our team. Who are the new additions to WARGITSCH and what makes them special? We spoke to the four of them.

First of all: Welcome to the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. Please introduce yourselves briefly: In a nutshell, what is your professional background? And what is your role at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers?

Alexa: I’m Alexa Lohrer, I studied business administration and German language and literature and then worked on projects in public relations and project management in the scientific and public sector. Working now as a Communication and Content Specialist at WARGITSCH, I will be covering many different topics, which I am really looking forward to.

Vladimir: I am Vladimir Karius, I have a background in consulting and have been a technical project manager and project leader in large customer projects and now also work here at WARGITSCH as Project Manager Technology and Services and have my home in the Digital Solutions division.

Benedict: Benedict Oko, I was born in Freising and moved here very early on, so I’ve been in Pfaffenhofen for over 20 years. I studied business administration, then briefly went into sales, which wasn’t really my thing, and then worked as a market analyst for the software and IT market for two years. And now I’m starting here at WARGITSCH as a Transformation Consultant and I’m looking forward to the new tasks.

Ali: I am Ali Diab and I am an IT Support Professional at WARGITSCH in the Digital Solutions chapter. I was born in Syria and have been living in Pfaffenhofen for a few years, four or five years or so. I completed my professional education as an IT specialist in system integration in July 2022 and then worked at the Boston Consulting Group for a year and a half as an IT Support Specialist.

What exactly motivated you to become a WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer? What attracted you?

Ali: Well, I like the WARGITSCH mission statement. I like the company strategy, the structure, I like the flexibility that WARGITSCH offers and I like the fact that it’s in Pfaffenhofen, where I live.

Benedict: That was also a big issue for me. I’ve been commuting for three years now, every day or almost every day to Munich, and at some point it was just too much. Then I just looked for something close to home and WARGITSCH stood out.

Vladimir: For me, it was definitely the company culture and the topics. The customers and the opportunity to develop myself further also really impressed me.

Alexa: I also liked the location, because I work part-time at WARGITSCH, so commuting isn’t really worth it. And also, I just liked working in a smaller, family-run company. Above all, I also found the topics at WARGITSCH exciting, especially being able to support customers from the sector I already worked in.

And what are you looking forward to the most when you start your new job now?

Alexa: Well, I’m looking forward to finally getting to know all my colleagues properly, really immersing myself in the topics and making a difference here.

Benedict: Yes, to new tasks, new faces, breaking new ground and simply developing on a personal level.

Ali: I can definitely agree with that. The new challenge, a new job and I’m definitely looking forward to the flexibility of this job.

Vladimir: For me, it’s about making a difference and achieving great things together as a team.

Is there something that cannot be missing at your workplace or something that is essential for you in your day-to-day work that you always need or use?

Alexa: A cup of coffee?

Benedict: For me, it’s my colleagues, actually. I like being around people, I like to somehow interact with them, even if it’s not about work and chatting a bit. If I was only working from home, I would get lonely at some point. So I am looking forward to being able to pop into the office and chat with people.

Vladimir: I need a dog to cuddle!

There are definitely enough here! Okay, to finish, why don't you reveal a fun fact about yourself? What do you do or like that people might not expect, or do you have a special hobby or interest?

Ali: Well, I am, or was, mainly a musician, not an IT specialist. And I can speak five languages.

Benedict: That’s not bad! Yes, there is nothing special about me so far. But I’ve been playing soccer for as long as I can remember. I think that’s my passion.

Vladimir: I like photography, it’s my passion, as a hobby.

Alexa: When I really want to clear my head, I do altitude meters, so to speak: I’ve loved climbing for over 15 years. And I also love writing to-do lists.

Thank you very much for the interview! We wish you a wonderful start at the Transformation Engineers!