Transformation Engineers in perfect balance – How we manage family and career

Family" - that's often the answer we give when asked what is most important to us in life. But how can this extremely important aspect of life be harmonized with work? That is a question we want to take a closer look at today on International Family Day. How do our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers balance family and career? What are their challenges and how can they be solved? ...

“The NEW work-life balance aims to create a modern work culture that enables companies to be attractive to skilled workers and therefore competitive in the future.”

Kirsten Frohnert

Project Manager Network Office „Erfolgsfaktor Familie“

The consulting industry is described as extremely dynamic and fast-paced. It is therefore especially important that employees are able to find a healthy balance between work commitments and family life. A healthy work-life balance has been proven to increase employee satisfaction and well-being. Ultimately, this is not only reflected in their private lives, but also in their performance and creativity. At WARGITSCH, we attach great importance to family-friendliness as an essential part of our HR work. To further consolidate this, this year we became a member of the corporate network „Success Factor Family“.
To match our new membership and the annual Family Day, we spoke to several WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers and asked them how they balance family and work.

Find out more about how the Transformation Engineers organize their working day with us and how they use the flexibility and support to achieve their professional and personal goals.
Matthias Feig

Matthias Feig

Matthias Feig: My three challenges when working with my family are time, organization and flexibility. All of these factors come together and need to be harmonized in the best possible way. It is essential to plan truthfully with your own capacities and, if necessary, get support in some areas. In concrete terms, that means getting help in everyday life from friends, relatives or colleagues.
The biggest advantage of WARGITSCH is, first of all, trust. Trust in the employee to do what they have to do. This trust is granted at all levels and comes with a flexible working model. It doesn’t matter when and where the issues are dealt with, it’s the result and, of course, the customer’s requirements that count. If these are met, the rest can be planned flexibly.
In my particular case, work and family can be perfectly combined, as I either work remotely or work in the office directly on site. That’s not something you can take for granted and as a father of two school-age children, it gives me a level of flexibility that can probably hardly be quantified. Admittedly, you also have to be the type of person to change plans at short notice if a child is ill. But this usually works smoothly, which is definitely due to the lessons learned during the coronavirus phase. And finally, at WARGITSCH it’s no problem to spontaneously let the child do homework in the office.
I find WARGITSCH to be family-friendly, as I have a top local employer that offers me a flexible working model and a high level of trust. My kids also feel very comfortable in the office, with our open culture, and are not shy when they are there for an hour or two doing schoolwork.
Vereinbarkeit Arbeit und Familie Familientag
Ramona Vogg: Working parents know the challenges of balancing work and family life all too well. The biggest challenge is certainly when “something comes up”, i.e. the child falls ill and cannot attend daycare. In this case, childcare has to be organized at short notice, you may have to drive to the doctor, arrange lunch and so on.
However, I would like to add a third point to this interplay between family and work: personal needs. If we forget to look after ourselves, we become less productive – both at work and in family life.
Ramona Vogg

Ramona Vogg

For me and my family, WARGITSCH offers two factors in particular that help me incredibly well to reconcile everything: a flexible working time model and the option to work remotely. So if something comes up, I can organize my working hours more flexible on my own responsibility. Most of the meetings take place online, so there is usually no need to reschedule appointments.
Many of my colleagues, like us, have children of toddler and primary school age – so there is a lot of understanding for such situations and we exchange ideas with each other. Partners and children are also invited to our team events – for me, that’s another aspect of family-friendliness.

Alberto Vera Ramirez

Alberto Vera Ramirez: Working at WARGITSCH has shown me at first hand how a company can really help to provide a balance between work and family life. This experience has been particularly meaningful to me, not only as an employee, but also as a father.
At the heart of my daily routine has been the flexibility that WARGITSCH offers, such as the ability to work from home and adjust my working hours to suit my family’s needs. This flexibility allows me to be present at important moments without having to sacrifice my professional commitment.
Planning is key. I strive to coordinate my family and work commitments in advance to ensure they are managed as smoothly as possible. WARGITSCH supports this approach not only with generous vacation policies, but also by equipping me with the necessary tools to work efficiently from anywhere. This combination has helped me to maintain a healthy balance between my professional and personal life.
I really appreciate the supportive culture at WARGITSCH. Open communication and working together to solve any personal challenges are encouraged. The family events organized by the company and the constant attention to our physical and emotional well-being confirm WARGITSCH’s commitment to the well-being of its employees.
As part of this extended WARGITSCH family, I deeply appreciate how the company values both our performance and our emotional well-being. This mindful attention to work-life balance shows that it is possible to be productive and happy at the same time.
Vereinbarkeit Arbeit und Familie Familientag
Alexa Lohrer: I find the biggest challenge of working with a child is the organization on the one hand and the unpredictability on the other. When both parents work, a lot of coordination and good planning is necessary. Nevertheless, sometimes a child is ill, has to be picked up early or something similar. Then even the best planning is worth nothing. Especially for us, who have no family support, the employer’s flexibility is the only option. Flexible working hours and generous home office arrangements make it easier to solve such cases at WARGITSCH. But what really makes the difference is the human factor: everyone is understanding – and that’s really worth a lot, especially in these situations, which aren’t relaxed anyway.
Alexa Lohrer

Alexa Lohrer

For me, the main reason for this is that it is okay to shift my working hours at WARGITSCH. The appointments, which mainly take place online, allow the sick child to be at home and for me to still work. It would hardly be possible otherwise. Trust is important here too.
The trust in the employees I’ve already mentioned and the understanding for changes at short notice due to children make WARGITSCH a family-friendly employer for me. In addition, the events to which the whole family is invited. This shows that WARGITSCH is not just a family business, but also a very family-friendly company where everyone is aware that employees are more than just people who work.
At WARGITSCH, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture that takes the needs of our Transformation Engineers seriously and places a sharpened focus on family-friendliness. The diversity of experiences and perspectives shared by our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers show that a corporate culture that is aligned with the needs of working parents requires trust, flexibility and understanding – and this must be encouraged.
Whether it’s to organize their own day or in an emergency due to illness – working parents face different challenges than a single team member. Companies should therefore constantly sharpen their focus on the day-to-day challenges of their employees. Towards a culture based on mutual respect and empathy. For a new work-life balance that lays the foundation for stable competitiveness with happy and balanced employees.

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