AI Orientation Workshop


Discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence for your organization in our one-day AI Orientation Workshop. This intensive workshop has been specifically designed to give you as a CEO, executive or decision-maker a comprehensive insight into the opportunities and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our experienced AI experts will guide you through the latest developments, application areas and trends in AI and show you how you can implement them in your company to increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.


  • From practical use cases to strategic considerations, this workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the opportunities that AI offers your company.
  • Get to know the current state of the art and understand the relevant legal framework.
  • Find out how you can effectively integrate AI technologies into your company and develop a sustainable AI strategy.

Why you should take part

  • Practice-oriented knowledge: Gain concrete know-how on how you can use AI directly in your business processes.
  • Individual advice: Our experts are available to answer your personal questions and provide strategic advice.
  • Exclusive resources: Access to exclusive whitepapers, presentations and tools to further deepen your AI knowledge.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at managers and decision-makers who want to better understand and use AI technologies to create innovative solutions and achieve competitive advantages. Register now and take the first step towards a future-proof AI strategy for your company.

Your Contact persons

Dr. Christoph

Dr. Christoph Wargitsch

CEO | Training lead


Daniel Fischaleck

Chapter Lead Digital Solutions | Training lead

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Tailored to your company

AI can be used in the most diverse areas of the company and that is exactly what we focus on! Your employees’ previous knowledge and use cases are crucial for achieving your goals! That’s why we focus specifically on this and offer you exactly what you need in a two-day workshop – individual, personal and flexible! Do you need more information or would you like a quote?


01 Possible applications of AI

  • Overview of AI applications
  • Examples of successful AI implementations
  • Discussion: Recognizing possible applications in your company context

02 State of the art

  • Technological foundations of AI
  • Current trends and developments in AI technology
  • Demonstration: AI tools and platforms in action

03 Legal situation regarding AI

  • Overview of relevant laws and regulations
  • Data protection and ethical considerations
  • Case studies and landmark case law

04 Use AI in your company

  • Identification of AI potential in existing business processes, services and products
  • Identification of resources and required skills
  • Planning and implementation of initial pilot projects

05 Development of an AI strategy

  • Definition of strategic goals
  • Definition of AI operating model incl. stakeholder and change management
  • Evaluation of AI projects and long-term scaling

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