Success story WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer – Welcome Back Lukas

The Transformation Engineers are enjoying some early spring freshness – a not-so-new face has returned to our ranks: As of the 1st of February, we welcomed Lukas back, our former Corporate Development Intern, as a Junior Transformation Consultant among the Transformation Engineers. Yet he is not an unknown face for the Team because we have worked together several times already …

A warm welcome to the WARGITSCH Newcomers

New year, new Transformation Engineers – at the start of 2024, we are welcoming four new additions to our team. Meet the new Transformation Engineers Ali, Alexa, Benedict and Vladimir and discover more about their passions and professional milestones. What defines our newcomers? Find out with whom we will explore new horizons and will grow together…

Changing working environments – Transformation Engineer on the road

How can one combine professional life with discovering a new country? That’s what Antonia, one of our WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers, found out during her workation in Barcelona. We conducted an interview with her before her departure and after her return: A little insight into Antonia’s working life in Barcelona and how her workation fit in with a normal working day at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers …

Successful kick-off for internal curriculum

Sharing knowledge to grow together. These principles of the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers guided our third Townhall of 2023. Over the course of 2.5 days, our internal curriculum as well as “New Employee Orientation” were presented. Which topics were of particular importance to us? A recap of the Townhall of the third quarter of 2023…

Becoming a Strength Coach: An Insight

Building on strengths instead of emphasizing the discovery of weaknesses. With this in mind, we decided to focus on our strengths using the CliftonStrengths Test from Gallup. Why did we choose this assessment? What advantages are there and how to implement them in our work? These and more questions are discussed with Dr. Christina Weigert from her perspective as a strengths trainer at Gallup

WARGITSCH is focusing on its strengths

Building strengths to achieve excellent, satisfying performances. Managing weaknesses to avoid stumbling in everyday life. That’s the CliftonStrenghts approach. This year, we set the goal of using it to master our tasks according to our strength profiles. Which advantages result from the orientation towards strengths? How do we deal with our weaknesses and what perspectives do they open up?

Let’s get started: Onboarding @ WARGITSCH

A few months ago, they joined the Transformation Engineering Team: our Tranformation Consultants Fynn and Antonia. At the beginning, our onboarding process is a central and extremely important step for this at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. We talked with Fynn and Antonia about their particular onboarding process and asked what exactly made it easier for them to get started.

From Student Employee to Chapter Lead

This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. For many years now, Alexandra Wiebe-Kaaden, Creative Director and Chapter Lead Communication Design, has been a WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer. But she didn’t start in her current leadership position, of course, but as a working student. In this interview, Alex talks about her journey with WARGITSCH.

Female Leadership

Even in 2023, Germany’s top management continues to be male dominated: According to a 2022 study by the Allbright Foundation, there are more men named “Christian” in leadership circles of German companies than there are women in general. But how can this be changed? What are the arguments in favor of gender-diverse corporate leadership? And how do male and female leadership differ?

Welcome back! Reboarding at WARGITSCH

Reconciling family and job? That’s possible! The WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers enable, for example, the best possible re-entry into professional life after parental leave. In the following interview, our colleague Ramona Vogg (Senior Communication Designer) talks about her journey with WARGITSCH and focuses on her two reboardings after pregnancy and parental leave.