Let’s get started: Onboarding @ WARGITSCH

Our onboarding process is a central and extremely important step for this at WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. We talked with Fynn and Antonia about their particular onboarding process and asked what exactly made it easier for them to get started.

How did your onboarding as WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer go off?

Antonia: The first two days at WARGITSCH are particularly noteworthy. That’s when Fynn and I were on site. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that it was very good for us. We were able to get to know a few of our colleagues right away, we got to know each other and have been in regular contact ever since.

Fynn: The exchange with someone who is also still in onboarding is really a great thing. You’re never alone.

Antonia: And we also support each other. For example, if you have questions the other person can clarify, or when you simply keep each other up to date.

Fynn: It’s a great help. The onboarding buddy, who is an experienced team member in the company, is also especially helpful. The exchange with my onboarding buddy is constructive, I learn an extremely large amount and can ask all the questions I have. It’s great.

Antonia: I also have a regular exchange with my onboarding buddy. We currently meet every week for half an hour to an hour in a regular meeting to exchange ideas. In my first week, we met for two hours, and he talked about the entire company and explained the structures to me. He showed me the other employees with photos, especially those I had not yet met in person. That was great for the first overview. And if I have any questions, my onboarding buddy is always there, but not him, also our team lead Matthias. He also has time for us regularly.

Fynn: Even the project lead Christian is always there for us and asks about how things are going. We are also gradually getting more and more involved in the projects and get speaking roles in customer meetings. Things are slowly getting in full swing and you can see that everyone is determined to integrate us into the projects as quickly as possible and to get us into the processes and the deadlines.

Antonia: During onboarding, attention is also paid very quickly to ensuring that you are given access to the respective customer projects and workspaces so that you are ready to work and that you generally know quickly what tasks you will have to deal with in the project. You don’t have the feeling of being left on your own.

Fynn: Regardless of the content, the technical equipment was also made available very quickly. The equipment we can and are allowed to work with is a state of the art anyway – it doesn’t get any better than that. For us, it just worked out great.

Antonia: In general, we can say that you are completely picked up and welcomed warmly.

And what's next for you as WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers?

Fynn: I’m definitely looking forward to becoming a permanent member of the team – also in terms of content. That I have my areas, can be a professional and have knowledge with which I can help people in the projects, can bring projects forward and become a fixed content component in the team. That I’ve taken on fixed topics and can fill the whole thing with life.

Antonia: What goes hand in hand with this for me is that I personally feel strengthened in my knowledge. WARGITSCH supports us with several training courses that were presented to us during onboarding. With certificates that we can take and that are really tailored to the project work. I think it’s great that we’re given the opportunities for further training here, and I would say that’s not a matter of course.

Fynn: Getting involved in new projects repeatedly in long term, learning new things, broadening your horizons again and again is a great thing that I look forward to.

Antonia: It definitely doesn’t get boring, and that’s something that drives both of us: Continuing to learn and the security of not stopping at one point but being able to evolve here. That you can push your own spirit and promote it.