Welcome back! Reboarding at WARGITSCH

Reconciling family and job? That’s possible! Combining private and professional life is now – with great justice – a requirement of the modern working world. If a company supports its employees here, everyone benefits in the end.

The WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers enable, for example, the best possible re-entry into professional life after parental leave. In the following interview, our colleague Ramona Vogg (Senior Communication Designer) talks about her journey with WARGITSCH and focuses on her two reboardings after pregnancy and parental leave.

You and the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. How does your journey together look like so far?

In 2015, I completed my studies as a media designer and applied to WARGITSCH. Back then, the company was still headquartered in Pörnbach and WARGITSCH was a bit smaller than it is today. Nevertheless, I was able to directly gain experience in great projects – especially in the area of print design and corporate identity. Then, at the end of 2017, our first son was born. In October 2019, I had my reboarding and the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers moved with their headquarters to Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm. With 20 hours a week, I was able to support many great branding projects. In May 2021 our second son was born and then in September 2022 my second reboarding took place. Now, I am a Senior Communication Designer with 13 hours per week – but that should soon become more again 😊.

Combining family and work life - to what extent does your employer support you here?

Reboarding WARGITSCH Ramona Vogg

In terms of “New Work”, WARGITSCH is really a pioneer for me. Hybrid working has not just been a concept for us since Covid. With children attending kindergarten and feeling more ill than well, especially during the cold season, a regular workday is unfortunately sometimes more theory than practice. Since I can flexibly adjust my working hours in such cases, I actually always manage very well to reconcile family with work – without drowning in chaos 😊.

In September 2022, you had your second reboarding with the WARGITSCH Transformation Engineers. What exactly did that look like?

The parental leave went by insanely fast – it felt like I wasn’t really gone. Especially since I met my colleagues in between, for example at Christmas parties / summer festivals or privately. When I came back, I received my new equipment (MacBook, iPhone, etc.) and set up all programs together with our Head of IT. I also received a “welcome back”-folder, in which all the basics relevant to me and my work are recorded. WARGITSCH has grown a lot during my absence – I am happy that I was able to meet many new colleagues! The team is now even more diverse than it was before anyway. All in all, I was ready and up to date after about a week.

So, now you're back in your professional life. What are your current tasks at WARGITSCH?

At the moment, I’m mainly assisting with internal tasks: Designing the Christmas campaign (Christmas cards, presents) and our customer magazine, of which the second edition will soon be published. For this, I have already shot portraits of our employees and created many layouts.

The combination of family and job around everyday life: How does your working week look like?

Currently, I work 13 hours a week, divided between Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our older son goes to kindergarten and the little one is looked after by his grandma – he will attend daycare in May 2023. That fits quite well for us. When they are both in kindergarten, I will increase my working hours again.

What do you value most about your work as a WARGITSCH Transformation Engineer?

WARGITSCH will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. I have already been part of the company for 8 years and have been able to grow with WARGITSCH personally and with my strengths. I especially appreciate the family atmosphere and the incredible empathy. You are not just another employee – everyone is valued for their individual personality and skills.

Reboarding WARGITSCH Ramona Vogg